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rumpled adj
1 in disarray; extremely disorderly; "her clothing was disheveled"; "powder-smeared and frowzled"; "a rumpled unmade bed"; "a bed with tousled sheets"; "his brown hair was tousled, thick, and curly"- Al Spiers [syn: disheveled, dishevelled, frowzled, tousled]
2 having wrinkles; "crumpled paper"; "her skirt had become creased"; "a rumpled gray suit" [syn: crumpled, creased]

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  1. Describing something that is wrinkled or crumpled.


  1. past of rumple

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Seedy is an album by the ska punk group Operation Ivy. The album was released in 1996 on Karma Kredit Records. Karma Kredit was a pseudonym for David Hayes' Very Small Records label. All releases are currently out of print and occasionally surface on ebay.
The album in its entirety can be downloaded from, though as an unofficial bootleg.

Track listing

  1. Healthy Body (Uncut Version)
  2. Someday
  3. Plea For Peace
  4. Trouble Bound
  5. Uncertain
  6. Hangin' Out
  7. Left Behind
  8. Old Friendships
  9. Hedgecore
  10. Steppin' Out
  11. The End (outro)

Production Notes

Intro: Recorded in Manhattan
Tracks 1-3: Recorded November 27, 1987. Rough Mixes from "Hectic" Session.
Tracks 4-7 and 10: Recorded August 24, 1987. Gilman Demo
Track 8: Recorded March 17, 1988. Live on FM 88.7 KSPC Radio Station in Claremont, CA.
Track 9: Recorded April 21, 1988. Live on WFMU Radio Station
Track 11: Recorded in Kansas

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